Assistive Technology Support


This document specifies which assistive technologies are supported for the different components of the Arkose Platform. This page applies to Arkose Bot Manager.

Arkose Platform

The Arkose Platform is supported on desktop and mobile. Supported Browsers lists the supported versions of the supported browsers. Each of those browsers have certain screen readers that are commonly used by vision impaired users. The table below lists the screen readers that are supported for each.
The Arkose Platform may work well on other screen readers that are not listed, but be aware that only the browser + screen reader combinations listed below are tested and supported. Ask your CSM (Customer Success Manager) for more information about combinations that are not listed below.

Supported Browser and Screen Reader Combinations - Desktop and Laptop

BrowserWindows (latest)Mac OS (latest)
ChromeNVDA (latest)
JAWS (latest)
-- *
FirefoxNVDA (latest)
JAWS (latest)
-- *
Safari--VoiceOver (latest)
EdgeJAWS (latest)--

* Even though Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported on Mac OS, they are not supported in combination with screen readers due to low usage.

Supported Browser and Screen Reader Combinations - Mobile

BrowseriOS (Latest)Android (Latest)
Chrome-- *TalkBack (latest)
SafariVoiceOver (latest)--
UC Browser---- **

* Even though Chrome is supported on iOS, it is not supported in combination with screen readers due to low usage.

** Even though UC Browser is supported on Android, it is not supported in combination with screen readers due to low usage.

Screen Magnification

The Arkose Platform works with common methods and tools for screen magnification, such as integrated browser zoom or standalone software such as ZoomText.

Electronic Braille Displays

The Arkose Platform supports electronic braille devices that interact with any of the supported screen readers shown above, such as JAWS.

Support for Alternative Input Devices

The Arkose Platform also supports many alternative input devices, such as:

  • Alternative keyboard designs 
  • Eye tracking
  • Switch devices, with one or two push large buttons
  • Sip and puff devices, controlled with the mouth 
  • Tracker balls, joysticks, wands.

Specific devices are not tested with the Arkose Platform. The Arkose Platform can be operated using a keyboard, so devices that emulate keyboard operation should be supported.