Setting Up Arkose Bot Manager

Roadmap for how to migrate to or otherwise set up your client(s) and server to work with Arkose Bot Manager.

The following is a roadmap/checklist for getting set up to work with the Arkose Labs Bot Manager. Please go through the steps in the order listed below. In particular, note that you must set up both your client(s) and server.


You must setup both your client(s) and server.

  1. Client-Side setup: Use the client-side setup guide as needed for each of your application's platforms. If you have more than one platform, you will have to setup each one.

  2. Server-Side setup: Use either the standard server setup guide or, if you're using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), use the appropriate setup guide for your CDN.

  3. Specialized Client-Side setup: If you have any of these special client-side cases, use the appropriate guide.



When the Enforcement Challenge is loaded, the Arkose Bot Manager creates and drops a simple timestamp cookie containing only the request timestamp. This cookie does not contain any other user data, PII, or identifiers. For more information see the Knowledge Base article about cookies (Support login required).