CAPI V1 End of Life Communication

If you are receiving this communication, you are amongst the last 5% of our customer traffic who are still on very old versions of our Client API.


Arkose Labs Client API version V1 is reaching End of Life on June 1, 2023 and customers who are still on Client API V1 version must migrate to V2 by June 1, 2023.

Why is this change happening?

Client API v2 provides better security, simplified build process, improved responsiveness along with Observability support and the capability to onboard new Games, MatchKey.

Client API V2 migration started around Q2 2022 and so far 94% of our customer traffic has already been migrated to Client API V2.

How does the Client API V2 migration work?

The steps to migrate to Client API v2 is documented in our Client-Side Instructions document.

What do I need to do?

If you do not already have Client API v2, talk to your CSM to start the migration process.

What will be the impact of our users and our company?

Below are the benefits of Client API V2

  • Better security: Better secured integration through CSPs, SRI end-to-end and various vulnerability fixes. Enhanced security of our next generation challenges.
  • Simplified Build Process: Detection upgrades through better data signals and support of unified integration builds.
  • Support Modal/Lightbox mode: Improved user experience - Modal lets us make the challenge size larger for the next generation of challenges.
  • Better Mobile Support: Better Mobile device support with built-in responsiveness.
  • Observability: Reliable game metrics for analysis and monitoring. Support for Client observability to capture Client API level metrics to enhance the observability of client side errors and latency.
  • Prerequisite for MatchKey: MatchKey, our new puzzle is designed to address the current attack landscape minimizing real user effort and maximizing bad actor cost with improved UX experience and powerful security features. Customers who are looking to onboard MatchKey need to be on the CAPI V2 version.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

Please reach out to your CSM if you have any questions migrating to Client API V2.